President Obama Says, "I'm Not Done"

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With Republicans controlling the Senate as well as the House, the President will tour the country this week, taking credit for economic improvement. He’ll preview themes from his State of the Union speech in an all-out effort to resist becoming a lame duck during his last two years in office. We hear what he has to boast about and look at the unfinished business he may try to accomplish -- on Capitol Hill or, more likely, by “executive action.” How does he look compared to past presidents as their terms in the White House were beginning to run out?


Edward-Isaac Dovere - The Atlantic; host of The Ticket podcast - @IsaacDovere, David Cay Johnston - Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and author, Daily Beast, Investipedia, DC Report - @DavidCayJ, Douglas Brinkley - Rice University - @ProfDBrinkley, Andrew Rudalevige - Bowdoin College - @rudalev

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