Religion and Warfare: Does God Choose Sides?

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A Senate committee is conducting a high profile investigation into the Fort Hood shootings, and the Pentagon is investigating the extent of Islamic radicalism in the military. Meantime, others warn about the growing presence of another kind of widespread religious fundamentalism that's not just condoned, but encouraged by some senior officers: evangelical Christians who proselytize soldiers, Marines and sailors--promoting the idea of "holy war." Critics concede that Evangelicals don't advocate killing, but contend that they undermine military morale and send the wrong message in Muslim countries. We talk about the separation of Church and State, freedom of speech and the impact of religious fundamentalism on national security.


Jeffrey Sharlet - Dartmouth College - @JeffSharlet, James Hutchens - former Deputy Chief of Chaplains, US Army, Mikey Weinstein - President, Military Religious Freedom Foundation, Jacqueline Whitt - Assistant Professor of Military History, West Point, Jean Reith Schroedel - Chair of the Department of Politics and Policy, Claremont Graduate University’s School of Politics

Warren Olney