A Debate in Name Only

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When the GOP stages its first presidential primary next year in New Hampshire, the candidates will be running against each other. But in last night's debate at St. Anselm's College in New Hampshire, they made President Obama their only real target, and passed up opportunities to speak ill of fellow Republicans. What did they do to distinguish themselves? Did Tim Pawlenty challenge Mitt Romney's establishment front-runner status? Did Michele Bachmann make a difference? Did Newt Gingrich show he can still run, even without a campaign staff? We hear excerpts from the candidates and get some expert opinions.


Other candidates appearing in last night's debate or discussed in this segment include:
Herman Cain
John Huntsman
Ron Paul

Rick Santorum



Rich Galen - Mullings.com - @richgalen, Gary Langer - Langer Research Associates and ABC News - @garylanger, Jay Newton-Small - Time magazine - @JNSmall, Mark Meckler - Tea Party Patriots, Dante Scala - University of New Hampshire - @graniteprof, David Yepsen - journalist - @DavidYepsen

Warren Olney

Christian Bordal, Katie Cooper, Frances Anderton