Can the Republicans Find a Road to the White House?

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Mitt Romney's second campaign for President is old news, so today's "official" announcement at Bittersweet Farm in Strathum, New Hampshire was supposed to show the media it's time to get serious. But Sarah Palin gets massive news coverage just by riding a Harley or eating pizza with Donald Trump on a trip she insists is not really political. In Iowa, Tim Pawlenty does it the old fashioned way — meeting with small groups of voters — while candidates who aren't even running get the attention. Can Romney maintain his Republican front-runner status? Can the GOP agree on a message against incumbent Democrat, Barack Obama?



Andrew E. Smith - University of New Hampshire - @smithanh, Lisa Lerer - Bloomberg News, Ryan Lizza - New Yorker magazine / Georgetown University - @RyanLizza, Jennifer Rubin - Washington Post - @JRubinBlogger, Susan Milligan - US News and World Report - @MilliganSusan

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