The US Supreme Court and Same-Sex Marriage

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After this morning's hour and twenty minutes of legal arguments and judicial questioning, the US Supreme Court will probably take until June to rule on the issue of same-sex marriage. Gay marriage advocates have targeted California's Proposition 8, which banned such unions five years ago. The justices have a plateful of options to consider. Will they uphold Prop 8?  Will they rule that same-sex marriage is a constitutional right? As public opinion has shifted, will a court majority leave the issue up to different voters in different states?  We hear excerpts from both sides, learn what the justices wanted to know, get analysis and perhaps even a brave prediction or two.


David Savage - Los Angeles Times - @davidgsavage, David Cruz - University of Southern California - @ProfDavidCruz, Ryan T. Anderson - Heritage Foundation - @RyanT_Anderson, Rick Jacobs - Courage Campaign - @rickjacobs, Andrew Kohut - Pew Research Center - @pewresearch

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