The Paradox of Rising Indicators in a Troubled Economy

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In 2009, the Dow Jones Industrial Average bottomed out at 6,500. Since then, it's more than doubled, with another record closing last week at 15,354. Standard & Poor's and other market indexes are also setting records and housing construction is showing signs of a restoration. But eight million people are still out of work, and a smaller percentage of people own homes than a decade ago. Is it time to feel good again about the economy or not? Are we in for increased prosperity or bursting bubbles? We get a reality check.



Mark Gongloff - Huffington Post - @markgongloff, John DeTore - MIT Sloan School of Management - @MITSloan, Rana Foroohar - Time magazine - @RanaForoohar, Felix Salmon - Host of the Slate Money podcast, WIRED - @felixsalmon

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