Is College Really Worth the Price of Admission?

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As senior year begins, high school students already are trying to decide what college they want to get into. Both they and their parents are wondering if higher education will mean a lifetime of debt. College tuition is going up faster than medical costs and outstanding student loans have surpassed total credit-card debt. But regardless of what parents have been led to believe, they may be borrowing more than they need to, especially to get to the "right" college. Do big-name schools provide the biggest bang for the buck in teaching or in getting that first job? Once they're in, do students use the available resources? Do colleges have to be so expensive? Will too much debt spoil the benefits of higher education? 



  • Jenna Johnson - National political correspondent for The Washington Post
  • Zac Bissonnette - Senior, University of Massachusetts-Amherst
  • Brett Lief - President, National Council of Higher Education Loan Programs
  • Chris Newfield - Past Chair, UC's Academic Senate Committee for Planning and Budget


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