The Building Urgency of the Economic Crisis

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This weekend the Bush Administration announced a dramatic rescue for the banking giant Citigroup. It's a time of almost unprecedented political circumstances surrounding government responses to the crisis, as one president prepares to leave office, and another gets ready to take over. Guest host Sara Terry explores what's at stake during this transition, and what lessons can be learned from history? Also, Jimmy Carter and Kofi Annan were turned away when they tried to enter Zimbabwe. Why a group known as the elders were denied entry to the southern Africa country, and why they say the crisis there is deepening.

Banner image: US President-elect Barack Obama announces New York Federal Reserve Bank president Timothy Geithner (L) as his choice for treasury secretary, Christina Romer (2nd L) as Council of Economic Advisers Chair, and Lawrence Summers (R) as director of the National Economic Council (NEC), during a press conference in Chicago. Photo: Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images