The Fast Track to Same-Sex Marriage

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Civil unions for gays and lesbians were recognized less than 10 years ago. Now, same-sex marriage is on the agenda in many parts of the country. First it was state courts. More recently, state legislatures have decided that gay and lesbian couples have the right to same-sex marriage. Last week the Washington, DC City Council voted 12-to-1 to recognize same-sex marriages performed in other jurisdictions. Why so fast? Are homosexual couples now seen as part of mainstream society, or are courts and legislatures recognizing their right to be different? Why do black leaders object so strongly when gays and lesbians use the language of civil rights? What strategies are being used to keep the momentum going? What are backers of traditional marriage doing to slow it down?

Same-Sex Marriage Legislation/Court Decisions:

Vermont Legislature (TtP on)
Massachusetts Supreme Court (TtP on)
Connecticut Supreme Court
Iowa Supreme Court
Maine Legislature
California Supreme Court
Passage of California's Prop 8, court appeals to (Which Way, L.A.? on)




Warren Olney