What's Next for Immigration Reform?

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The US Senate has passed sweeping immigration reform, but it’s stalled in the House. Traditional Republicans support immigration reform in terms of free-market economics and family unity. Others worry about the growing Hispanic vote. But a growing number of GOP members are pledged to vote against any immigration bill—whatever it says—claiming it’ll turn into “amnesty.”

This weekend, businesses, religious organizations and activists organized events in 40 states at 150 different locations and today, the Camino Americano: March for Dignity and Respect has arrived on the Capitol Mall.

One group represented today are children brought to this country by their parents and raised as Americans. This summer, a group calling themselves the “Dream Nine” staged a different kind of protest on their own. The "Dream Nine” were released on parole in August and allowed to return home pending an immigration judge’s decision on their claim of asylum. That could take years.




Warren Olney