Iraq Study Group Releases Report

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All ten members of the bipartisan panel say Iraq is sliding toward chaos, but that all is not lost. They recommend some dramatic changes, including moves President Bush has resisted, such as direct diplomacy with Iran. They want the primary mission of US forces to be training Iraqi troops, so that American combat soldiers can be withdrawn.  They put a heavy burden on the Iraqis themselves to restore order and government services. Have they provided a "better way" to accomplish the President's goals or a formula for the "graceful exit" he's already rejected? We get details of the Iraq Study Group's recommendations and debate their merits.



  • Michael Duffy - Assistant Managing Editor, Time magazine
  • Ralph Peters - Retired US Army Intelligence Officer
  • Chris Toensing - Executive Director of the Middle East Research and Information Project
  • Steven Kull - University of Maryland's Center on Policy Attitudes
  • Fawaz Gerges - London School of Economics and Politics


Warren Olney