The Oil Spill and the Oil Economy

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President Obama today called the response to the Gulf oil spill the biggest thing of its kind in American history. But what about advance preparation? The Associated Press has found that BP’s disaster plan for the Deepwater Horizon rig was approved last year despite stunning errors, omissions and miscalculations. At the same time, there’s concern over what the President’s moratorium on deep-water exploration will mean to the Gulf Coast economy. Given the oil industry’s power and importance, what are the chances that new laws and regulations will be approved and implemented?  



  • Ben Raines - Environmental Reporter, Mobile Press-Register
  • Edward Overton - Professor of Environmental Sciences, Louisiana State University
  • Kenneth Beer - Chief Financial Officer, Stone Energy Corporation
  • Gene Green - Congressman (D-TX)
  • Doug Kysar - Professor of Law, Yale University Law School


Warren Olney