Conservatives Justices Take Hard Line on Healthcare Law

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One major question raised by the Affordable Care Act is, just how much power does the so-called Commerce Clause give the government? The "mandate" to buy health insurance or pay a penalty if you don't came under harsh attack today in the US Supreme Court. Would it mean the federal government could require Americans to eat broccoli, exercise or buy funeral insurance? Does the Affordable Care Act regulate commerce or create it?  Is there any limit to government power?  Justices were demanding answers today. How well did the Obama Administration's lawyer respond?  What's next for the President's "signature legislative achievement?"

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Jess Bravin - Wall Street Journal - @JessBravin, Andrew Cohen - senior editor at The Marshall Project, and a fellow at the Brennan Center for Justice - @JustADCohen, Dahlia Lithwick - Legal Affairs correspondent for Slate - @dahlialithwick, Carrie Severino - Judicial Crisis Network - @jcnseverino, Ron Pollack - Families USA - @Ron_Pollack, Aaron Carroll - Indiana University School of Medicine - @aaronecarroll

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