The Syrian War and Secret U.S. Support

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As crisis grows more dangerous by the day, nobody yet knows what the Obama Administration is doing to help Syrian rebels against the al-Assad regime.  It's more dangerous to smuggle medical supplies than weapons and there are vast stores of chemical weapons. The struggle between Shiites and Sunnis creates the threat of regional instability, even a new Cold War, and the UN has become a non-factor.

Since the beginning of peaceful demonstrations in March of last year, some 21,000 people have now died in Syria's crackdown against rebel forces. What's at stake for the region and the rest of the world, including the US?

On a grim historical note: seldom have medical personnel been so systematically targeted. It's reportedly more dangerous to smuggle humanitarian aid than weapons. 

Is it time for the Obama Administration to get directly involved in helping Syrian rebels against the al-Assad regime?




Warren Olney