Obama Pressures Putin to Control Russian Separatists

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Near the site where Malaysian Airlines Flight MH 17 went down last week, combat continues, and pro-Russian separatists are in control. President Obama demanded access to the crash site, saying, "President Putin says that he supports a full and fair investigation and I appreciate those words. But they have to be supported by actions. The burden now is on Russia to insist that they stop tampering with the evidence, grant investigators who are already on the ground, immediate, full and unimpeded access to the crash site. The separatists and the Russian sponsors are responsible for the safety of the investigators doing their work. Along with our allies and partners, we will be working this issue at the United Nations today."

Andrew S. Weiss is vice president for studies at the Carnegie Endowment, where he oversees research in Washington and Moscow on Russia and Asia.




Warren Olney