US Senate Elections and the 'Soul' of the Republican Party

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As a State Senator, Charlie Crist was so tough on crime he was known as "Chain Gang Charlie." But as the Republican Governor of Florida the one-time "conservative's conservative" won the support of Democrats and Independents. Now, as he runs for the US Senate, he's up against the harsh fact that only Republicans vote in Florida's GOP primary. Crist and Arizona Senator John McCain aren't the only so-called "Moderates" under attack from within the GOP. Establishment candidates, even incumbents, who are anything but liberal face right-wing challenges in primaries all over the country. Total repeal of healthcare reform is a litmus test for campaign contributions -- even if that alienates Independents who are often determine who wins in November. Are true believers trying to "purify" the GOP?  Could this be a better year than expected for Democrats?




Warren Olney