US Strategy in Afghanistan: Is Karzai a True Believer?

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President Obama is publicly upbeat, but his strategy in Afghanistan is not working as planned. Has President Karzai lost faith in the US and NATO?  Is Pakistan even closer to the Afghan Taliban than previously reported? Also, oil executives get grilled on Capitol Hill as President Obama prepares to address the nation, and Wikipedia eases restrictions on editors tempted to get "naughty" with controversial subjects like George W. Bush.

Banner image: A US Army soldier scans the eye of an Afghan National Policeman for identification purposes with a hand-held biometric device in rural Dand District, just south of Kandahar. US soldiers are using biometric tools to catalog all military-aged men and boys in the province, part of a counterinsurgency strategy aimed at finding and identifying Taliban insurgents and legitimizing the government of Afghanistan in the minds of the rural local populace. Photo: Chris Hondros/Getty Images