Vladimir Putin and the "Ghost Convoy"

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Almost 300 Russian Army trucks, painted white, are somewhere on the road between Moscow and the Eastern Ukrainian border. Vladimir Putin calls the convoy humanitarian aid for a crisis the West is ignoring. Ukraine suspects it’s a “Trojan Horse” to help Russian separatists. With Russian troops already stationed near Ukraine, the world is watching “the ghost convoy on tour.” Meantime, there are calls for the US to send arms to Ukraine… and more economic sanctions to isolate Putin. We’ll hear the pros and cons.

Also, racial tension rises in Ferguson, Missouri, and Biden breaks up with Maliki.

Banner Image: A Russian convoy of trucks carrying humanitarian aid for Ukraine drives along a road near the city of Yelets August 12, 2014. The convoy carrying tons of humanitarian aid left on Tuesday for eastern Ukraine, where government forces are closing in on pro-Russian rebels, but Kiev said it would not allow the vehicles to cross onto its territory. Ukrainian presidential aide Valery Chaly told journalists the cargo will be reloaded onto other transport vehicles at the border by the Red Cross. Russia said it would transfer the convoy to the aegis of the International Committee of the Red Cross, but made no reference to the demand the goods be reloaded. The European Union said the aid would have to be verified. REUTERS/Nikita Paukov



Warren Olney