The Election's Over: What Happened? What's Next?

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Just as predicted, Republicans have swept into control of the Congress, while Democrats hold a somewhat reduced majority in the Senate. Harry Reid held on in Nevada, but the Illinois seat once held by President Obama was lost. Was the election a referendum on White House leadership? Some prominent favorites of Sarah Palin were defeated. How much influence will the Tea Parties have on a Congress led by Speaker John Boehner? President Obama conceded that yesterday’s election results were "humbling" and that very difficult issues lie ahead. Despite their differences, he also called for cooperation—and possibly compromise. We assess the results from different political perspectives.



Congressman John Boehner addresses
"the trust that the American people have placed in us"


Jennifer Rubin - Washington Post - @JRubinBlogger, Chris Littleton - Littleton and Associates - @clittleton, Ed Kilgore - political columnist at New York Magazine, and former Democratic strategist - @ed_kilgore, Ari Berman - senior reporter for Mother Jones, author of “Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America” - @AriBerman, Thomas Mann - Brookings Institution / University of California, Berkeley - @BrookingsGov, John Heilemann - Bloomberg Politics / Showtime's 'The Circus' - @jheil

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