Is America retreating from the world?

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During the Obama administration, numerous Republicans criticized Obama for "leading from behind." But as President, Donald Trump has made withdrawing the country from international commitments his calling card. Observers of the Trump White House notice two opposing groups of advisors surrounding the President. Globalists promote conservative values while advocating for America's continued presence and influence on world affairs while nationalists appear to encourage the President to withdraw the country from the global stage on a series of issues, from trade to global warming, following Trump's "America first" campaign pledge. Is this dangerous isolationism, a domestic political play or a sensible path forward? What will the global stage look like with a diminished United States? Who will fill the void: Europe, China…or Russia?

Shortly after our discussion, President Trump made an announcement from the White House Rose Garden, officially withdrawing United States from the Paris climate agreement.




León Krauze