The Dark Side of America's War on Terror

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the_dark_side.jpgLawyers, military figures and Bush Administration insiders believed that so-called "enhanced" interrogation techniques really were torture. But Vice President Cheney insisted they were the only way to head off another September 11, despite warnings about prosecution for war crimes. A new book, The Dark Side, also reports that dissenters lost their jobs, even as "enhanced" interrogation produced false information that derailed the war on terror. Will there be a call to accountability?


Jane Mayer - New Yorker - @JaneMayerNYer, Clifford D. May - Foundation for the Defense of Democracies - @CliffordDMay, Noel Francisco - former Deputy Assistant Attorney General, DOJ’s Office of Legal Counsel, Scott Horton - Columbia Law School / Harper's - @ColumbiaLaw

Warren Olney

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