What's the Immediate Future of the Middle East?

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With the United States bogged down in Iraq, and President Bush, the Congress and leaders around the world debating the Iraq Study Group's report, there's talk that the "American era" in the Middle East has ended.  Without Iraq to offset it, Iran is becoming the strongest Islamic nation—with Israel the region's other major power. We get several views on the changes to come and how they'll affect American interests. Can increased democracy counter radical Islam and be a vehicle for peace and prosperity? Should the US put less emphasis on the military and more on diplomacy?


Richard Haass - Council on Foreign Relations - @RichardHaass, Walid Phares - Director of the Future of Terrorism Project, Foundation for the Defense of Democracies' , Abderrahim Foukara - Managing Editor, Al Jazeera Arabic News, Yossi Alpher - Israeli consultant and author, Michael Young - Daily Star

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