BP Attempts to Plug Well: Endless Oil, Endless Blame

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BP is preparing for "Top Kill," using mud to plug the broken oil well, if it concludes that high pressure won't cause new leaks in a weakened system. The company puts the chance of success between 60 and 70%. Meantime, there's new evidence of warning signs before the explosion and more testimony that federal rules for deep sea drilling amounted to self-regulation. Pressure is building on the Obama Administration to take more decisive action, but there are doubts that it has the expertise or the technology. We get a progress report on "Top Kill," update investigative hearings and hear what's happening to the habitats of fish, birds and people.  


Mark Schleifstein - Times-Picayune - @mschleifsteintp, Satish Nagarajaiah - Professor of Civil and Mechanical Engineering, Rice University , Anna Fifield - US Political Correspondent, Financial Times, Tracy Kuhns - Bayou-keeper, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, Jay Holcomb - Executive Director, International Bird Rescue Research Center, Abrahm Lustgarten - ProPublica - @AbrahmL

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