Will Voters Give Hugo Chávez All the Power He Wants?

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The King of Spain has asked Hugo Chavez to "shut up," but the President of Venezuela is making his voice heard--at home and around the world. First elected in 1998, Hugo Chavez has survived an attempted coup, a two-month general strike and a recall election. Last year, he was returned to office with more than 60% of the vote. On Sunday, Venezuelans will go back to the polls for a referendum that could make Chavez more powerful than ever, the chance to be re-elected for the rest of his life. Some former supporters call it dictatorship in the making. We find out why "socialism for the 21st century" has made Chavez so popular, especially with the poor, and hear about billions for neighboring countries, friendships with Castro and Ahmadinejad and hostility to the United States. 




Warren Olney