With California Debates Over, It's Almost Time for Voting

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Last night in the heart of Hollywood, Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton had a kinder, gentler exchange than had been expected. Obama is working hard for Hispanics, who could make a difference in California, New Mexico and Arizona—even in Colorado, New York and New Jersey. It's conventional wisdom that Clinton has the advantage. Was she happy to sit on her lead? Does he figure he has the momentum? On the Republican side, John McCain and Mitt Romney are arguing about whose record is the most conservative. But who's more electable? With just four days left before caucuses and primaries in almost half the country, it's all about strategy. We review the latest debate and talk about the votes of Hispanics, who could make a difference not just in the Far West but in other parts of the country.




Warren Olney


Katie Cooper, Sonya Geis