Are Revolutions Transforming the Middle East?

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A New Arab World: Are Revolutions Transforming the Middle East?Since dictators were deposed by "people power" in Tunisia and Egypt, there's been talk of an "Arab Spring" that would finally bring an end to authoritarianism in the Middle East and even a flowering of democracy. But in Egypt today, street protests, strikes and sit-ins were criminalized by Hosni Mubarak's military successors. We hear more on the possible consequences of revolution there and elsewhere.


Scott Peterson - Christian Science Monitor - @peterson__scott, Ashraf Khalil - Time magazine - @ashrafkhalil, Shadi Hamid - Brookings Institution; The Atlantic - @shadihamid, Khalil Jahshan - formerly, National Association of Arab Americans, Mark Levine - UC Irvine, Thomas Carothers - Carnegie Endowment for International Peace

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