Frayed CA GOP Struggles to Find Unity

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At the Repubican convention yesterday here in LA the nominee for Governor of Caifornia, Neel Kashari told delegates he’s prepared to transform a party which has been hemorrhaging members and voters in the Golden State. When he attacked Governor Jerry Brown as a son of privilege, Kashkari got a standing ovation.

But that was yesterday. On Friday, it was a different story.

At the convention, two other Republicans on the statewide ticket made news by refusing to endorse Kashkari, their party’s candidate for Governor. Recently Pete Peterson, who is running for Secretary of State, said his office really ought to be non-partisan. Ashley Swearingin, the Mayor of Fresno who is running for State Controller, says she hasn’t decided whether to vote for Kashkari—or for Democratic incumbent, Jerry Brown. Arnold Steinberg is a Republican political consultant.




Warren Olney