Do Painkillers Do More Harm than Good: A Doctor's Dilemma

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Drug overdoses now kill more Americans than auto accidents, and prescription drugs are a big part of the problem. Where do chronic abusers get their drugs? Not just from friends and relatives as previously thought, but also from doctors. The state Medical Board is discussing guidelines to reduce the number of "problem prescribers." Is it time for more than just talking? Should physicians tell more patients to try to endure a little more pain? Also, California's Jerry Brown hosted Israel's Bibi Nethanyahu today in Silicon Valley.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater, on To the Point, the world is waiting for Vladimir Putin to make another move or to relax tensions in Eastern Ukraine. Is Crimea already lost? We look at the options for the US and the European Union to defuse what's becoming a dangerous crisis.

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