Plastic Bag Ban Going into Effect January 1

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One of just two plants west of the Rockies that recycle car batteries was saved by a judge from state efforts to shut it down. Now the Air Quality Management District is holding hearings with the same end in view. Exide, in Vernon, has people from Boyle Heights to Hancock Park in fear of cancer and other diseases after years of lead and arsenic emissions. Exide says it’s cleaned up its act at a cost of millions. If it shut down, where would 25,000 batteries every day go to die?  We get a progress report. Also, if you live in Los Angeles, say goodbye to plastic bags at the grocery store. Will you buy paper?  What about using reusable bags?

Image-for-WWLA.jpgOn our rebroadcast of today's To the Point, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church has called free-enterprise capitalism "a new tyranny" and called for restoring the focus on serving the poor. We hear different views on what Pope Francis means about politics, economics and religion.

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