For the Hollywood Skyline, How High Is Too High?

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At a major intersection in Hollywood, KCRW's Saul Gonzalez talked with Adrian Glick Kudler, editor of Curbed LA, about Millennium Hollywood, a horizontal city going vertical. City Councilman and mayoral candidate Eric Garcetti is opposed. So is the other Hollywood councilman, Tom LaBonge. But the city planning commission — to Mayor Villaraigosa's applause — has approved more than one million square feet of offices, apartments, condos and retail stores on just five acres of land surrounding the Capitol Records Building. To opponents it's an "alien implant," an "eyesore" that's "disproportionate" to a historic district. To New York developer Phil Aarons it's part of a much needed new urban core. He's co-founder of Millennium Partners, which has changed the skylines of New York, Boston, Washington, DC and San Francisco.
(This is the first of an occasional series, LA Grows Up, on WWLA? and other KCRW programs about high-rise development and LA's changing skyline.)




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