Is Venice Losing Its Soul?

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Beat poets and hippies made Venice Beach a kind of retreat from middle class conformity, a place where being "different" was looked on as an asset. It was a haven for artists who hadn't made it yet and, even after it was discovered by wealthy celebrities, Venice retained a laid-back culture of tolerance. But recent gentrification and commercialization have led to a culture clash. Is that still going on or is it a thing of the past? Also, an emergency shutdown at California's only remaining nuclear power plant.

Image-for-WWLA.jpgLater on To the Point, oil pipelines are laid down every day, but the one called Keystone XL has become a test of President Obama's environmental legacy. What are the possible consequences for climate change — and the economy? Will he make a decision before the midterm elections? Could that determine who controls the Senate?


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Warren Olney