Trees Ripped Out in Inglewood to Clear Way for Endeavour

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Next month the Space Shuttle Endeavour's will go to its final resting place: the California Science Center in downtown LA. But getting it there won't be easy. From LAX, it'll be trucked down the streets of LA and Inglewood, requiring removal of hundreds of trees. Not everybody is happy about that. 

(In addition to our guests, we also heard the voice of Lark Galloway Gilliam of the Community Health Councils in South Los Angeles.)


Erin Aubry Kaplan - contributing opinion writer for The New York Times, former columnist for the LA Times, author of the book “Black Talk, Blue Thoughts, and Walking the Color Line: Dispatches From a Black Journalista”, Andy Lipkis - Founder and President of Tree People - @treepeople_org, Christina Melendrez - AbilityFirst

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