A Defining Moment in the Ethnic Makeup of California

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Like all other demographic shifts, it has come along slowly — but this is the month that Latinos are becoming the largest of California's ethnic components — with 39% of the population compared to 38.8% for non-Hispanic whites. That's not a big spread, but there long-term consequences for the Golden State are already under way. We hear about culture, economics and politics. Also, the Dodgers held their opening game in Australia and they'll play in San Diego on Sunday. But, most of their LA fans might not be able to see them on TV. 

hobbylobby.jpgLater, on To the Point, the US Supreme Court today heard spirited arguments on what could be this year's signature ruling.  Do the religious beliefs of business owners trump Affordable Care Act requirements for covering all kinds of contraceptives?  We hear about the Hobby Lobby case.


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