Is Professional Football On-again or Off-again for Downtown LA?

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Anschutz Entertainment Group, the big multi-national sports and entertainment company that built Staples Center and LA Live, has plans for a new stadium to bring professional football to downtown LA. Those plans were thrown into doubt last year when Denver billionaire Phil Anschutz said AEG was up for sale. But AEG's Chief Executive, Tim Leiweke, insisted they were still on track. Today, Anschutz announced that the company is not for sale after all, and that Leiweke is out of a job -- officially by "mutual consent."


Jan Perry - Former Los Angeles City Council - @JanPerry, David Carter - USC Sports Business Institute - @uscmarshall, Jon Regardie - contributor to LA Magazine, former executive editor of the Los Angeles Downtown News - @DowntownNews

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