The Commercialization of Christmas

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With Christmas less than a week away, a lot of people are thinking about the hype, the commercialization and the consequent loss of Christian meaning. There are campaigns afoot to discourage Christmas shopping altogether.  In this week's New Yorker magazine, James Surowiecki suggests a kind of compromise: "We might actually be happier--and we'd certainly be wealthier--if we exchanged small, well-considered gifts rather than haunting the malls."  Is it more about material expectations and competition than good fellowship or Christian love?  If we bought nothing at Christmas would spirituality be restored?  Is Christmas too commercial or not commercial enough? We hear several shades of a familiar argument.



  • Jack Kyser - Founding Economist, LAEDC's Kyser Center for Economic Research
  • Chris Probert - Social Marketing Manager for Adbusters magazine
  • Yaron Brook - Executive Editor of the Ayn Rand Institute
  • Willy Raymond - Priest at Holy Cross Family Ministry


Warren Olney