The Dodgers “Blackout” Continues… Will the FCC intervene?

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After a three-game sweep this weekend in San Francisco, the Dodgers are back in first place… but only Time-Warner subscribers have been able to watch Kershaw, Ramirez, Puig and the rest of what could be a World Series team. Local members of Congress say Time-Warner is “holding consumers hostage,” and they want the FCC to step in. So far the Dodgers aren’t talking; will they ask Time Warner to let other cable companies in on the deal?

Also, children from Central America may not be welcome in Murietta, but the City of Bell says, “bring them on.” We’ll talk to the Mayor, who says providing shelter is a way to make up for municipal scandal.

Banner Image: Yasiel Puig playing for the Los Angeles Dodgers; Credit: Ron Reiring



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