TV and Film Writers Threaten to Strike

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If there’s a writers’ strike, this is the consensus on what would happen.  Leno, Letterman, Stewart and all the other late-night talk shows would go into reruns immediately.  By late November, the soap operas would run out of new episodes and be replaced by news programs.  By mid-January, prime time would be filled with reality shows, game shows, news magazines and some sporting events along with re-runs of popular dramas and comedies.  Talks between the Writers Guild and the Alliance of film and TV producers broke off last night and the writers’ contract expired at 12:01 this morning. Strike captains were told that members should clear out their offices by the end of the working day.    



  • Kim Masters - editor-at-large of The Hollywood Reporter, and host of KCRW's “The Business.” - @kimmasters
  • John Ridley - Screenwriter, Director and Novelist; "Let It Fall"


Warren Olney