Has the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Entered a New Phase?

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Has the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Entered a New Phase?The nightmare scenario that Israel has feared since its establishment came true." "The barrier of fear has been broken."  Those are Israeli commentators on what Defense Minister Ehud Barak describes as "the Palestinians' transition from suicide-bomber terrorism" to "mass demonstrations, deliberately unarmed." They're all quoted in a Washington Post article by Joel Greenberg in Jerusalem. With Middle Eastern regimes under challenge as never before, are the Palestinians adopting a new strategy in their struggle with Israel? How will President Obama respond to claims that the US is losing influence in the region?


Joel Greenberg - freelance reporter, Laura Rozen - Al-Monitor - @lrozen, Jim Gelvin - University of California, Los Angeles, Uri Dromi - Miami Herald, Mouin Rabbani - Institute for Palestine Studies - @jadaliyya

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