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Sally’s Middle Name


Owner of Sally’s Middle Name, the first restaurant in Washington DC with a “no tipping” policy

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To tip or not to tip? That question has the service industry up in arms this week.

To Tip Or Not To Tip?

To tip or not to tip? That question has the service industry up in arms this week.

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Nearly half a dozen Democratic presidential candidates want Brett Kavanaugh impeached after new information came out about possible sexual impropriety when he was at Yale.

from Press Play with Madeleine Brand

Climate change is an existential crisis. If Americans cut just one hamburger from their diet every week, it would be like taking 10 million cars off the road every year. After cutting energy use, less meat and more plant-based food add up to the easiest--and healthiest--way to reduce your carbon footprint. From the land and water needed to raise feed and the methane produced at the end of digestion, “Cattle are actually mini fossil-fuel, greenhouse gas producers.” So says Sujatha Bergen, head of health campaigns at the NRDC. As her title suggests, eliminating beef from your diet--in addition to pork and lamb-- is also better for you. She explains the trade-offs for helping to reduce climate change and says, “Starting with your fork is much less daunting for many people.”

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This is Rob Long and on today’s Martini Shot I talk with authority about Deep Fakes — those digitized and undetectable fakes of actors and well-known people doing and saying things…

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This summer, Brian Rochefort’s Absorption by the Sun exhibit at the Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Barbara provided the backdrop to two KCRW Summer Nights events, so I visited…

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This week, through Sept 22: learn how to write about art; celebrate Bauhaus 100 x 2; and more centennials, at The Huntington and Catalina Island ; tour iconic 1960s architecture in…

On October 11-12, 2019, the Southern California Foodways Project will host its first symposium at the Autry Museum of the American West.

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KCRW joins a group of forest firefighters who are working to prevent wildfires. We get a firsthand look at what firefighters do when a blaze breaks out near Tujunga.

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Some 40% percent of recycling centers in California have closed in the last five years, while there's more plastic production, and much of it is for one-time use.

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The Huntington Library, Art Museum, and Botanical Gardens was established 100 years ago. But Henry Huntington’s footprint was far bigger than that.

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