Bob Timmins

Addiction specialist


Addiction specialist who has worked extensively with celebrities and their families; ex-con, ex-gang member and recovering heroin addict who is 32 years sober

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Making Money in Hollywood; Celebrity Sitters

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This week, artists find unique ways to bridge connections in chaotic times.

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In 1980, anti-disco sentiment was at a high and Grace Jones was coming off a trilogy of disco albums. If she stayed stagnant, it felt like her career could be swept away.

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Emmy Awards host Jimmy Kimmel said he believes the Emmys will have their lowest ever ratings this year. Viewers will see a virtual ceremony this Sunday.

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At 82, Helen Rae is as prolific as ever, interpreting fashion ads into her own singular vision. Toilet paper holders convey a political message.

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Seventy-one-year-old Jorge Luis Borges as seen through the eyes of twenty-one-year-old Jay Parini in “Borges and Me: An Encounter.”

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Figures made out of tire tread convey the complexity of identity. Layered paintings delve into subject matter of the heart.

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Most know Minnie Riperton because of one part in one song. “Lovin’ You” was Riperton’s biggest hit, and she doesn’t sing that magic, piercing note until around the 3-minute mark.

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The Slauson Rec Theater Company has turned a parking lot into a stage for their latest play, which is inspired by frontline workers and touches upon race and class.

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Garrett Bradley's "Time," a gorgeous documentary that skips back and forth over the course of two decades, is a Black filmmaker's lyrical tribute to a Black family trying to hold…

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