Bruce McPherson

California Secretary of State


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Florida and Ohio aren't the only states where the conduct of elections has been controversial.

California's Next Secretary of State

Florida and Ohio aren't the only states where the conduct of elections has been controversial.

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Josh Barro and LRC panelists David Dayen and Tim Carney discuss third covid vaccine that will be available in the US, Trump’s resurfacing at CPAC, minimum wage and fallout from Texas…

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Johnson & Johnson says it will ship out nearly 4 million doses of its COVID-19 vaccine this week — after the FDA authorized it for emergency use on Saturday.

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Ken White and Josh Barro talk about the Supreme Court’s decision on the Manhattan DA’s subpoena for Trump’s records and Stormy Daniels’ appeal of her loss in her defamation case…

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The central and southern U.S. is still reeling from a winter storm that brought snow, ice, and the coldest temperatures in decades.

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Jason Mezilis (aka Jason Achilles) helped design a microphone that hopped aboard NASA’s Perseverance rover, which landed on Mars on February 18, 2021.

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The Ballona Wetlands are juxtaposed against busy streets and tech companies. The area is a small, serene stretch of marsh, mud flats and birds.

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At a greenhouse in La Jolla, California, scientists are trying to harness the carbon-sucking power of plants to clean up the atmosphere.

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Maurice Harris owns Bloom & Plume, a flower business with an adjacent coffee shop. Before the pandemic, his products were selling well and his social commentary was resonating.

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Online sales have skyrocketed during the pandemic, and so have the mountains of packaging that protect those orders in transit.

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