David Whitley



Archaeologist and author of Cave Paintings and the Human Spirit: The Origin of Creativity and Belief

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Secretary of State Shirley Weber said the total cost of the special election could exceed $300 million.

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The LA City Council has passed a motion that aims to curb street racing.

from Greater LA

Flying cars are coming to LA, possibly as early as 2023.

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If you are a fan of Little Dragon’s “New Me, Same Us,” go soak in their new remix EP to listen to fresh treatments of songs from Georgia Anne Muldrow, FKJ, Ela Minus, and Pote’s…

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David Lynch Theater Presents: Weather Report for September 17, 2021.

Future beats and a mind-melting mix of fuzz, bass, and funk. Served fresh nightly.

from Travis Holcombe

An infectious harmony of varied sounds and melodies that bridge cultures and genres.

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Josh, David and Tim discuss the pay-fors of Democrats’ big spending plans, a looming government shutdown, the debate about booster shots, and California’s failed recall election.

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The 2021 Emmy Awards air Sunday, Sept. 19, but whether this year’s ceremony marks a return to business as usual for the Academy, the industry, and its audiences remains up in the air.

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