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Can you put a price on love? How about $3.1 billion?

The Money Behind Online Dating

Can you put a price on love? How about $3.1 billion?

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Two decades ago, California enacted a law to remove guns from people deemed too dangerous to be armed. But the measure, plagued by problems, has not achieved its promise.

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High school senior Kelly Danielpour founded VaxTeen to give her peers reliable and easy-to-understand information about COVID.

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Vacationers in a tropical resort age mysteriously in "Old," an inexplicably silly horror/slasher/sci-fi feature by M. Night Shyamalan.

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Ledisi was named as one of Michelle Obama’s favorite artists in 2010, and this year, she won her first Grammy. Her new album, “Ledisi Sings Nina,” came out last week.

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Are there benefits of stopping smoking once diagnosed with lung cancer?

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Activist Achal Prabhala speaks to Robert Scheer about the wealthy countries’ reluctance to end global vaccine apartheid.

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