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Best known to the public radio audience as an actress in A Mighty Wind, Best in Show, etc; star of the Fox Television's upcoming series Glee; new voting member of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences

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Glee actress Jane Lynch hits the road with her one-person cabaret show, See Jane Sing.

Jane Lynch: See Jane Sing

Glee actress Jane Lynch hits the road with her one-person cabaret show, See Jane Sing.

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Asked to the Academy; Cable Bags the Box

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Florian Schneider, co-founder of Kraftwerk, has died at 73 of cancer,   according to NPR .   I loved this band ever since I first heard the 1981 album   Computer World .

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Drive-by-Art comes to LA this weekend with over 120 works installed outdoors.

ESPN’s Michael Jordan docuseries "The Last Dance" has wrapped. The series has drawn record-breaking ratings and given ESPN something to celebrate in a world without live sports.

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Victoria Chang discusses Love, Love, her children’s novel written in verse—poetry written for children.

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Forty-five years ago, Alan Zweibel joined the first group of writers responsible for an unknown project called 'NBC's Saturday Night' -- later changed to 'Saturday Night Live'.

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Art workers are speaking out about anti-Asian racism and urging others to become allies. Some galleries are installing new exhibitions and taking visitors by appointment.