Julian Sher

investigative journalist


Investigative journalist and the author of two books about motorcycle gangs: The Road to Hell and Angels of Death: Inside the Biker’s Global Crime Empire.

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Sunday’s motorcycle gang shootout in Waco, Texas left nine dead and 18 injured.

Motorcycle Shootout

Sunday’s motorcycle gang shootout in Waco, Texas left nine dead and 18 injured.

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Due to COVID-19, LA County’s criminal and civil trials are suspended, while entire courthouses are shut down.

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In some ways we have only ourselves to blames for our changing planet and its relationships with diseases.

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Today’s entire show is about how Angelenos are helping their neighbors during the coronavirus pandemic. One Huntington Park bakery is offering free bread to kids each day.

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Former Los Angeles City Councilman Mitchell Englander has agreed to plead guilty to federal obstruction of justice.

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On today’s Daily Dose, Dr. Michael Wilkes of UC Davis describes what preparations health care professionals are taking.

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