Margaret Crawford

Professor of Architecture, UC Berkeley


Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley; co-author of Everyday Urbanism

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Last Friday, the local design community was shocked to hear of the passing of John Chase.

In Memoriam: John Chase

Last Friday, the local design community was shocked to hear of the passing of John Chase.

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President Donald Trump’s term has come to a fateful end. Now, some are wondering what an America under Joe Biden’s administration will look like.

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With calls to stay home during the pandemic and threats of more violence in Washington, D.C., most Joe Biden supporters from Southern California will watch the inauguration virtually.

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Nielsen released year-end streaming data for 2020, and more minutes were spent watching “The Office” on Netflix than any other show.

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Historically men have been the figureheads of our religious institutions but it has been women who have played a fundamental role in establishing and sustaining them.

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David Lynch Theater Presents: Weather Report for January 13, 2021.