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Professor of Architecture at the University of California, Berkeley; co-author of Everyday Urbanism

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Last Friday, the local design community was shocked to hear of the passing of John Chase.

In Memoriam: John Chase

Last Friday, the local design community was shocked to hear of the passing of John Chase.

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Think of Santa Monica and there are a number of things that come to mind: an idyllic, beachside setting; a tech-saturated economy; a bastion of liberal politics.

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This week, you can: learn about the YIMBY movement; consider Barbie as a barometer of social progress; contemplate architectures and infrastructure made exclusively by... and for...

Plans to sell off vacant city-owned lots and allow apartments on others draw opposition.

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Several industry players are swept up in the college admissions scandal, including Bill McGlashan, who just resigned from TPG, an investment company with ties in Hollywood.

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The story of two films - a narrative and a documentary - made inside a fully functioning, maximum-security prison.

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“The Mustang” starts with a good idea and makes it better—an incorrigible prison inmate learns to tame his own wild rages by taming, and training, a wild mustang.

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Director Sebastián Lelio discusses life and love through pop music in "Gloria Bell".

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