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Edward Goldman talks about the great 16 th  century Italian painter Pontormo, on display at The Getty Museum as a rare example of centuries-old art that continues to visually and…

from Art Talk

It’s an extra episode of ATPL with special guest Preet Bharara!

from LRC Presents: All the President's Lawyers

Medical Professionals unconsciously hold biases and stereotypes that impact the care they provide to different type of people.

from Second Opinion

Travis Holcombe sits in for Raul Campos.

from Raul Campos

Aaron Byrd sit in for Chris Douridas.

from Chris Douridas

Jason Bentley captures the hypnotic pulse of modern city life in a weekly dance show on Saturday nights.

from Metropolis

Broken beats, soulful key chords, samples and sounds.

from Anthony Valadez

When it comes to Punk bands, X, lead the pack as one of the best bands to come out of the burgeoning LA scene in the late 70's.

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Novena Carmel hosts this week's episode of The Lab.

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