Scott Silva

Scott Silva

Host of Connections


Scott Silva began volunteering at KCRW in 1997.  He has served as a front office volunteer, music library worker bee, music programmer assistant, online DJ, substitute radio music host, and on air DJ.  Scott has sat in as the host for several of KCRW’s music programs such as Metropolis, Let's Get Lost, Nocturna, Blueprint, Brave New World, Dragnet, Strictly Jazz, The Signal and Swingshift.  As host of his own show, Connections, Wednesday nights at Midnight, he showcases advanced releases on vinyl, imports and bedroom DJ demos. Scott has a 9-5 job helping to match music publishers together with film and T.V. music needs. He DJ's at The Brig in Venice, The Hollywood and Downtown Standard Hotels, among other places. Scott is a Los Angeles native.

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