Scott Silveri

TV writer and producer


Scott Silveri is a television writer and producer.

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The ABC show  Speechless  centers on the DiMeo's -- mom, dad, and three kids.

Scott Silveri on 'Speechless'

The ABC show Speechless centers on the DiMeo's -- mom, dad, and three kids.

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AT&T will spin off WarnerMedia (the parent company of HBO, CNN, and Warner Brothers film studio) and merge it with Discovery (which owns HGTV, TLC, and Animal Planet) to create a new…

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Warner Bros. was hoping for a big summer hit with its movie adaptation of the Lin-Manuel Miranda musical “In the Heights.”

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News broke in May that AT&T would be spinning off WarnerMedia to Discovery and that David Zaslav would run the combined media empire, but that deal isn’t closing any time soon.

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“ A Quiet Place Part II ” had a strong $57 million opening at theaters over Memorial Day weekend.

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Actor Kenan Thompson on taking comedy very seriously.

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Veteran producer David Friendly’s many film credits include three “Big Momma’s House” movies.

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Today’s entire show looks deeply at the Boyle Heights neighborhood of LA.

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The grand experiment that was AT&T’s ownership of WarnerMedia is coming to an end. The phone company will spin off its WarnerMedia assets to the media giant Discovery.

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Domenico Ingenito speaks about his book, “Beholding Beauty: Saʿdi of Shiraz and the Aesthetics of Desire in Medieval Persian Poetry.”

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