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On Location and At Risk

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SoCal museums are reshaping exhibits as federal regulations now require them to secure Native American tribal consent before displaying cultural items.

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Lost Notes presents a story about Soul Train, the Slauson Shuffle, and what’s lost – and found – when a regional dance suddenly belongs to the world.

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Jeff Daniels talks Tom Wolfe, Regina King, and James Gandolfini. Sanjay Leela Bhansali breaks down his new series “Heeramandi” and Ava DuVernay has The Treat.

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The latest film releases include Back to Black, IF, Gasoline Rainbow, and Babes.

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Lost Notes celebrates the life of Ruth Dolphin, who went from being a terrified widow with four kids to the mother of an LA musical empire.

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The latest film releases are Young Woman and the Sea, Jim Henson Idea Man, In A Violent Nature, and The Young Wife.

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Kim Masters and Matt Belloni discuss why Comcast’s proposed bid for NBA TV rights put Warner Bros. Discovery in a tight spot.

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The latest film releases include Bad Boys: Ride or Die, Robot Dreams, Handling the Undead, and The Watchers.

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Ana Tijoux returns with the lush pop balladry and incisive, Spanish-language bars of her 2024 LP “Vida.”

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